Kryxivia Team

The team behind the Kryxivia World project

Chief Executive Officer

Frédérick MARINHO
Frederick is actively running a crypto-business and had been working in the space for multiple years, after a successful product launch about no-code blockchain development, as a gamer and fan of NFTs; he wanted to get into the gaming experience and creating a new unique world, always been a player and fan of MMORPG.
As a software engineer, he understands the evolution that brings blockchain to a variety of domains which include gaming, and want to make Kryxivia: the new Axie Infinity as an MMORPG success of tomorrow.
Located in Paris, France.

Chief Technical Officer

Antoine has experience working with the Unity game engine for over 6 years and is currently employed at Unity Technologies in the high-end rendering team. He has a broad knowledge of Unity and specializes in graphics and rendering tech used in games.
He always dreamed of working on an MMO game project and was interested in Ethereum and the blockchain space for years, so the combo with his skills and the team was the perfect match to bring Kryxivia an amazing game experience.
Located in Paris, France.

VFX Game Designer

Marie Guffroy
Marie graduated from her Game Art master degree and is now working at Unity Technologies as VFX/Technical Artist. She has skills in VFX, Shaders and Lighting for games. As a big MMORPGs fan and indie games explorer, Marie was really excited to land a hand for Kryxivia's effects!
Located in Bordeaux, France.

Lead Client Engineer

Babacar CISS
Babacar has great experience in development and C# language, after studying in a high engineering French school named 42, he started to work as a developer for big companies and then switched his interest to Krxyvia to join the team.
He also had a lot of works based on visual and rendering for customers for example in the web industry, which makes him really valuable to lead the engineering of our game client pipeline for Kryxivia.
Located in France, Paris.

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Noé is an experienced software architect and blockchain engineer. He also owns a crypto-currency project for new token incubation and vesting.
Working on Kryxivia for him is an opportunity to be on a project he always wanted to be, loving MMORPG games since his childhood and affiliated to blockchain due to his work.
Located in Nice, France.

Lead Client Gameplay

Jean Romagnani
Jean has taken has a habit of creating video games on the Unity engine, he participated with his friends in multiple game jams, which is like a competitive hackathon for video games.
He does have a lot of knowledge on game engines, and gameplay design work play. As for writing, creating, and coding new games are his passions, joining the Kryxivia team was evidence for him.
Located in Paris, France.

Development / Scripting & 3D Artist

Leslie R.
Lilly started teaching herself to code at 9 y.o and had her first encounter of the metaverse working on browser based 3D worlds using the VRLM language with the Blaxxun Contact plugin on the Netscape Browser (2002). Ever since she kept on chasing her dream of "Engineered Artistry", meaning "Giving life to what she draws, Giving shape to what she codes". She worked as a Lead Developer, and is an Environment Artist and Character Designer for without form, she cannot give life to her vision. Today she is still chasing this lifelong dream of creating inclusive worlds on the metaverse, one galaxy at a time.
Located in Reims, France.

Level designer / 3d Art

7+ years experienced 3D artist and motion designer adept at developing high quality & cutting edge 3D & 2D arts including the creation of visual elements such as environment, hard surface models, textures, motion graphics.
Competent in low/high poly modeling for game engines, proficient in designing graphics & animations for advertisement, video games and film production. Highly skilled in handling projects & fulfilling requirements while maintaining 100% quality.
Located in Paris, France.

Lead Graphic UX & Web Designer

Nicolas DURAND
Passionated about drawing & graphic art since his young age, he began learning web coding language on his own at the age of 12 thanks to video games!
Since that day he has practiced web design as a whole, through lot of new technology language, web animation, graphic, design prints etc... He worked within several web agencies and communication agency in France.
Located in Lyon, France.

3d Character / Items Artist

Leonard is a professional 3d modeler, illustrator, and artist, quite creative and innovative in his draw, he can make real any ideas or plans the team wants to create in Kryxivia.
After finishing his artist high school, he joined the team to add a magical touch to our world, creating our male and female characters, items, and way more!
Located in Paris, France.

Community Manager

Mina Saidi
Mina was born with a console in her hands, she had always been a highly interested and loving person regarding games! After working in IRL events for Square Enix and ESL, she managed discord servers as admin for games such as the huge Fortnite french community.
She always had an open-minded way of seeing things, working as an entrepreneur, and managing businesses as for example, a team of semi-pro players on Fortnite.
Located in Paris, France.

Software Full-Stack Engineer

Jeremy GUYET
Jérémy is a passionate blockchain developer that can write ethereum smart-contracts, decentralized application in a crazy fast and smooth way, he also started his own crypto project about decentralized reputation which is using multiple chains.
After playing for years on a relatively successful MMORPG named Dofus, he was crafting from his room emulators and custom gameplay/items for the game, once the NFTs started to appear he knew that Kryxivia had the potential to be, the next big thing.
Located in France, Paris.