Kryxivia Roadmap

Q3 - 2021

  • Deployment of the KXA and KXS token on the Binance Smart-chain test-net for the Alpha.
  • Starting the development, testing the base gameplay, game servers, and blockchains links.
  • Working on the 3D Modeling of the Kryxivia Universe.
  • Doing the Level-Design of cities, mine, working on the Lore of the game, exploring Kryxit and gems functional systems.

Q4 - 2021

  • Launching the online website with the basics about Kryxivia, releasing the Presentation paper.
  • Open-Source release of the Kryxivia codebase on our GitHub repository and the different smart contracts.
  • Preparing the Proof-Of-Concept of the Game using Unity WebGL, C# and Node.js
  • Auditing our different smart contracts that interact with the BSC blockchain.
  • Releasing the Teaser for the launch of the Kryxivia Alpha.
  • Kickstarting the KXA token by doing a public sale to create the asset pool liquidity and the game base-funds (ILO).
  • Deploying the Whitelist for the private Alpha pre-access (wallets participating in the ILO will have advantages).
  • Working on all the game aspects, the client/server, and connections between the centralization/decentralization services of NFTs
  • Doing KYC procedures of the Kryxivia Team members.
  • Creating an Pancake Swap controlled pool for the in-game KXS token (with 10% of the raised funds).
  • Listing over CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko...

Q1 - 2022

  • Having the WebGL browser game ready for deployment
  • Deploying the NFT items marketplace to trade in-game stuff with other players on-chain.
  • Starting the private pre-alpha access for selected members to play into the Kryxivia World in their browser at
  • Using the test-net for the pre-alpha to spot bugs and rewarding bug-bounty players that report issues in KXA tokens.
  • Adding new dungeons and more specifications of items, Kryxit gems and spells gameplay development.
  • Launch the different starter packs (NFT’s packs) for the beta access-launch, to directly start to play with your bought packs.
  • Increasing the team capacity, recruiting new 3D designer, level and scenarist.
  • Improvement of the PVE content.

Q2 - 2022

  • Releasing the beta public access of the Kryxivia World on the main net of the BSC network.
  • Fixing bugs from the pre-alpha (Q1) found by players.
  • Starting to develop the raid systems (+20 players fighting together in raid fights) in the Kryxivia Mine.
  • Adding daily quest systems to reward players’ activities, therefore rewarding the most active ones.
  • Working on a bigger set of dungeons rooms into the mine with more difficulties and better Kryxit and stuff rewards.
  • Applying & Listing KXA and KXS tokens on top major T1 centralized exchanges.
  • Bank in-game staking system to win rewards (real ROI with new rewards per year) with KXA / KXS token

Q3 - 2022

  • Guilds system to team up with your mates with daily/weekly objectives to reach for rewards or bonus rates.
  • Adding an event system season with special unique NFT’s with specific new bosses (new limited cosmetic…).
  • DAO governance to vote on event themes, next milestones on the roadmap to achieve, and nerf or upgrades to make in-game gameplay updates (capped by wallet in terms of percentage).
  • Visual design in-game for statistics and information on KXS value and price moves.
  • Online ladders to see all players, their e-levels and reputations + uniqueness of inventories NFTs

Q4 - 2022

  • PVP system, dual between players in-game to compete and bets a certain amount of KXS in the fight, the winner wins the entire bet.
  • Integration of a Krxyvia Proof-Of-Stake blockchain to reduce maximum fees for playing.
  • More unique dungeons and epic items / Kryxit to loot in the mine.