Presentation & Tokenomics

The KXA coin, which stands for Kryxivia Coin token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain is the base crypto-currency for on-chain payment and special packs such as starter packs, special NFT sell events, or exchanging for the in-game currency KXS which stands for Kryxit Shard.

The Kryxivia coin has a total max supply of 250,000,000 KXA coins, As detailed below, our tokenomics are quite specific and fixed. The KXA token is not mintable, which means that it can’t have more than 250M KXA issued.

We're using the BSC chain to avoid high fees for transactions on-chain, you can also use the KXA coin for buying and selling NFT properties (items, Kryxit, spells…) from the game into our online web marketplace using your Wallet (like Metamask).

Tokenomics of the Kryxivia Coin

  1. Server network hosting, game client, and server engine costs - (3.00% = 7,500,000 KXA)

  2. Marketing, adoption increase and incentive to enlarge projects audience

    - (5% = 12,500,000 KXA)

  3. In-Game events rewards, specials farming, and NFT rewards - (2% = 5,000,000 KXA)

  4. Staking funds for Bank systems and net APY rewards for players - (1.5% = 3,750,000 KXA)

  5. Development team payment costs, team share - (12% = 30,000,000 KXA)

  6. Private token presale round to kickstart the project - (20% = 50,000,000 KXA)

  7. Public token sale (ILO*) for the game beta-release on Unicrypt Protocol - (20% = 50,000,000 KXA)

  8. Ecosystem funds for extra-operations - (15% = 37,500,000 KXA)

  9. Reserve treasury funds - (21.5% = 53,750,000 KXA)

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