Items & Inventory

On Kryxivia items are droppable into the mine and tradeable between players, using the Auction house or by exporting any items to an NFT through the city NPC and transferring it to someone else for any wanted KXS price, you can also invest them into the e-bank if you don't need them anymore.

The inventory is linked to your character, you can equip a set of items and have multiple bonuses from it, such as bonus of life points, defense points, heal points... Items (even the same object name) can have different stats based on your looting luck.

Equipment can have a unique limited rare edition of cosmetic that will be linked to your character, to export or sell it, you will have to export your character and sell it as NFT: this can make your created character way more valuable.

On your inventory, you can see the amount of KXS you own, that you have imported in-game, or won through farming! You can also use your inventory money to pay the Black Smith, socketing Kryxit (gems), trade with NPC inventory items.

Items contain a certain level of power that will define the average total power level of your character, no experience system exist on Kryxivia.

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