Kryxit Gems (Spells)

Kryxit are magical gems that hold tremendous power that is the remnant of an ancient civilization. They are all to be collected in the mysterious mine, behind the huge door on the mountain flank, which is seemingly an infinite source of Kryxit kept secret by monsters inside it.

Different type of Kryxit exists that differs in terms of powers/colors, some are very rare and limited, some are quite common. Special one can be farmed in areas that are limited in time and will then won't be seen anymore in the mine.

When looting a Kryxit, you can link it to one of your inventory items, which will then unlock you a spell that you can use and cast, to make that happen: you need to get to the black-smith inside the Kryxivia city that will help you to attach your Kryxit to items in your inventory in exchange of KXS token.

Each Kryxit contains his own power and level of purity, the higher the gem purity is, the better the rate of spell damages/usability will be. To get a better purity on a Kryxit, there is no choice for now except get back to farming into the mine and get lucky while looting a better one!

You can export your dropped Kryxit in the city NPC to NFT on any wallet by specifying the address on that you're willing to receive it, so you can trade, speculate on their KXS token / Ethereum values and show them to your friends on NFT marketplaces, it will trigger a blockchain transfer to the specified wallet to transfer the NFT.

One rare Kryxit dropped could be removed from a looting zone a while after being created making it way more expansive for new players that want to get that special one. We do advise collecting and keeping them even if you don't use some in your own character spell gameplay, who knows you could have diamonds in your hands!

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