Mine & Dungeons

The mine on Kryxivia is the place where you will pass a lot of your time in the game!

Situated behind a huge door on the mountain flank, is a seemingly infinite source of Kryxit which is hodl and kept secret by guardians; some groups of monsters, dragons, and other creatures living in the mine are protecting the ecosystem.

An interactive map is available at the entry of the Kryxivia mine, which leads to multiple possible paths inside: that give different types of loot and Kryxit elements with rooms of dungeons or direct hard boss with better loot. The more you dive into the mine, the harder it gets while the loot is increasing, you will have to adapt your gameplay based on the area you select to dive in.

You can see it as a room system that you need to beat before heading to the next room, for example, a red zone could give red powered Kryxit gems that contain different sources of spells than the green ones. There is also the possibility of a caped item power level challenge for the dungeon: you have to use the stuff at a maximum level X to participate in the event to be able to claim the rewards.

You enter the mine, and try to get deeper and deeper every time you go in! Raid with huge monsters fights is also planned in our roadmap for ~ 20 players fighting in the mine between bosses, you can create a group of 4 players and join in with friends to start fighting in normal mode.

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