The Kryxivia City

When you spawn in our world, you are sent to the Kryxivia city to start your adventure, in the city, you will find all your needs before starting your gameplay in the magical mine.

All players are in the lobby area, doing stuff in the city while getting ready for fighting inside that mysterious door! You can find several NPCs to guide you through your journey and make alliances/groups with people to make raids or dungeons together.

There is a central place with the main needed NPCs to avoid a waste of time doing round trip between the mine and the city, for the other ones, you can find them on specific buildings that look unusual from the others.

The most important buildings:

  1. A tavern: to buy consumables

  2. Auction house: to buy and sell items between players

  3. The Blacksmith: to do specific actions with player inventory such as linking Kryxit to inventory items

  4. Inn: the place for weekly quest and rest

  5. An E-Bank: to deposit items and money

There is also a place for testing ur skills and spells on dummies.

Story of the Kryxivia City foundation

|In a time where man has not invented the industry yet. Some had discovered a strange door lost in the mountain. From there they found Kryxit, magic gems with tremendous power. Many begin to gather first sent by the countries. Kryxivia is a new and blooming city, situated in the mountains around a huge door discovered a few years ago, built mostly without a plan by small groups of adventurers and merchants.

The people of Kryxivia come from many horizons, almost none of them come from a regular army, so their outfits are mostly mismatched and picked up along the way. Full metal gear is not readily available in this world, so unless being extremely rich, people tend to wear both cloth, leather, and metal combined.

Men will bring a lot of loot from the door but they will not always come back. The city of Kryxivia began to form around the door and many merchants took profit from this highly frequented place. Now, a few years later most of the people who try their luck are mercenaries or independents, like you.

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