No specific class or race exists in our world, everyone starts with the same chance when making a new character, as a human, male or female. Unlike a game like Axie infinity, it doesn't cost any money to create your own one, it removes a huge entry barrier. Except if you buy one (as NFT) with some special items/cosmetics.. or Kryxit equipped on it.

On Kryxivia, characters are NFTs that can be traded and exchanged between players, on any open compatible decentralized marketplace, when you are logging in to the game and create a new character, at a first step: the character is stocked and securely saved in our own database to run the game smoothly, then, an NFT representation of your in-game character can be created.

You have two options on the web client to interact with NFTs of characters, first when you log in, if you bought one NFT character or have one in your wallet you can load it into the game by selecting the option "Import NFT character" on the UI available on character selection page. The NFT will then be transferred from your wallet to the Kryxivia game server manager that will import it back into your in-game account.

If you want to trade, sell, or just safely store your character in a decentralized way, without having the possibility to play it on your in-game account, you can before disconnecting from the game export your character as an NFT: if it was already minted (means you already exported the character once, so exist on the blockchain) the game server will automatically send back the character NFT to your public wallet address, else it will mint it and linked it to your public address.

If the character was already exported once, the game server will first have to update the character JSON meta-data* (information about your character, cosmetic, or items equipped on the character) every time you do the re-export it again, this way we do have the scalability of updating in real-time your character information in-game on the blockchain every time you want to export it securely on-chain.

This means that you can trade, speculate on the price of your character, create a new one only to sell it, playing hard knowing how valuable is your time passed in the Kryxivia world is entertaining and rewarding!

JSON meta-data*:

An NFT is a digital asset that can be bought and sold on a blockchain network. The value of an NFT is based on what it represents — for example, an image, video, or game asset. To make an NFT represent something, we use metadata: The most common format for NFT metadata is JSON (opens new window), the ubiquitous lightweight format first defined by the JavaScript language.

> More information about NFT data

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